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Surgery FAQ's

What is a PPS/PAT appointment?

PPS or PAT stands for PreProcedure Services and Pre-Anesthesia Team, respectively. This multidisciplinary team is comprised of anesthesiologists, advanced practice providers (NP/PA), and nurses who assist in determining if patients are medically fit to proceed with surgery.

Whenever a patient scheduled for surgery, it alerts our PPS/PAT team to review his/her medical chart. Upon review, they may request a clinic visit to perform additional tests (EKG, labs, etc.). You may have a telephone appointment with the PPS/PAT team if no additional labs or tests are required. This appointment, in-person or via telephone, generally occurs within a week prior to the scheduled surgery date. Typically, during this visit, patients are given instructions to take or hold certain medications.

What is an Ice Machine?

Icing can be very helpful in reducing pain and swelling after surgery. There are multiple options to apply ice after surgery, from high tech ice machines to basic ice packs. Ice machines can be a convenient alternative to ice packs. Most ice machines come with a sleeve contoured to fit around shoulders, increasing the comfort and effectiveness of the cold therapy.

Do I need an Ice Machine?

While basic ice packs or a bag of frozen peas can do the trick, an ice machine can be a convenient option for icing your shoulder after surgery. Some newer models don’t even require ice to provide cold therapy. It is up to you to decide if an ice machine is right for you. You will receive a handout with several options for ice machines as part of your pre-operative information packet.

Will my insurance cover an Ice Machine?

Please refer to our Ice Machine Handout for vendor information. If you did not receive an Ice Machine handout, please contact our surgery coordinators for that information. There are four companies that provide ice machines for our patients. Some machines can be rented for a short period of time while others are available to purchase. We recommend you reach out to each company as they would be more familiar with which insurance plans cover their product.

When do I need to start physical therapy?

Most patients should plan to start physical therapy around 2 weeks after their surgery. However, there are certain instances where we would prefer you to start sooner than 2 weeks or not until 6 weeks after your surgery. These exceptions will be communicated to you by Dr. Seidl or a member of his team.

Where should I go for physical therapy?

It is important to select your physical therapy location and call ahead of time to setup an appointment as many physical therapy locations are scheduled out for 1-2 weeks. Below are phone numbers to schedule at a UCHealth facility if desired:

  • Inverness: (303) 694-3333
  • Sterling Ranch: (303) 265-3380
  • Lone Tree: (720) 848-2200
  • Aurora (University of Colorado Anschutz Campus): (720) 848-2000
  • Central Park: (720) 848-2000
    Northfield: (720) 516-8900
  • Sports Medicine Center (Colorado and I-25): (720) 848-2000
  • Boulder: (720) 848-2000

If these locations are not convenient or you would like to go to an outside physical therapy center, you may do so. You will be provided a prescription for physical therapy and a rehabilitation protocol at your first post-operative appointment. Again, you are encouraged to call before or soon after surgery and schedule an appointment to start after surgery. Specific rehabilitation protocols can be found at

What time is my surgery?

Patients will receive a phone call from the hospital confirming their surgery time and check-in time typically 1-3 business days before their surgery date.

What medications will I be prescribed after surgery?

Patients typically are prescribed a medication for pain after surgery, a stool softener, a medication for post-operative nausea or vomiting, and may be prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication to help prevent blood clots after surgery.

When are my post-op appointments?

Patients are scheduled for their first two post-op visits at the time surgery is scheduled. The first two post-op appointments around 2 weeks after surgery and then again at 6 weeks after surgery.

Subsequent post-op appointments will be scheduled at your 6-week post-op appointment. If you do not have your post-op appointments scheduled, please call (303) 981-0408 to schedule.

When can I drive after my surgery?

We recommend patients refrain from driving for the first six weeks after surgery. This recommendation is based on several factors. Patients should not be taking any narcotic pain medications and operating motor vehicles. Also, depending on the surgery, most patients are required to wear their sling for the first 6 weeks after surgery.

When can I return to work?

Most surgeries require patients to remain in their sling for 6 weeks after surgery. For patients who primarily work a desk job, you can return as you feel comfortable, understanding you will still need to remain in the sling. For patients who work a more physically demanding job, you may return to work with certain restrictions determined by your rehab protocol.

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