Adam Seidl, MD - Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon - Shoulder and Elbow Specialist

Adam Seidl, MDBoard Certified Orthopaedic SurgeonShoulder and Elbow Specialist

ORIF Greater Tuberosity + Bony Bankart

Outpatient Physiotherapy Phase 1: (Weeks 2-5)


  • Cervical, elbow and wrist ROM
  • Supine Passive ROM forward elevation to: 130 external rotation to:20
  • Instruct Home Exercise Program


  • No cuff strengthening
  • Begin and instruct in program of postural correction
  • May begin scapular retraction and depression
  • Grip strengthening


  • Arm in sling at all times except for exercises and bathing; includes sling at night (sleeping in recliner chair optimal); Discontinue sling at 6 weeks

Outpatient Physiotherapy Phase 2: (Weeks 6-8)


  • Begin self-assisted forward elevation to 90° and progress in 20° increments per week
    • Use Pulleys
  • Begin self-assisted ER with progressive return to full in 20° increments per week
  • IR in scapular plane as tolerated (No IR behind back)
  • No cross body adduction
  • Grade I-II scapulothoracic and glenohumeral mobilizations


  • No cuff strengthening
  • Continue scapular retraction and depression
  • Lower extremity aerobic conditioning


  • Modalities to decrease pain and inflammation
  • Cryotherapy as necessary

Outpatient Physiotherapy Phase 3: (Weeks 9-12)


  • Progressive return to full forward elevation and external rotation
  • May begin posterior capsular stretching program
  • May begin IR behind back
  • Grade III-IV glenohumeral and scapulothoracic mobilizations
  • Begin anterior chest wall stretches (pectoralis minor)


  • Instruct in home program and begin submaximal isometrics in flexion, abduction, IR, ER and extension
  • Add progressive isotonics with low resistance, high repetitions as tolerated
  • Emphasize anterior deltoid strength and scapular stabilization
  • Emphasize upper trapezius, serratus anterior force couple rehabilitation to create stable scapular base
  • Assess for and correct compensatory movement patterns
  • UBE with low resistance
  • Continue aerobic conditioning

Outpatient Physiotherapy Phase 4: (> Week 12)


  • Progressive return to full motion in all planes
  • Emphasize posterior capsule stretching
  • Maintenance home flexibility program


  • Continue rotator cuff and scapular strengthening program
    • Progressive increase in resistance as strength improves
  • Continue UBE with progressive resistance as tolerated
  • Recreation/vocation specific rehabilitation
  • Maintenance aerobic conditioning home program

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